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Embroidery & Monogramming in Charlotte, NC

As we seek to become more engrained in our local community, our focus is now partnering with small businesses and adding meaningful details to weddings and events.

Whether it's adding a corporate logo to branded apparel or infusing wedding accessories with sentimental charm, we're here to turn your visions into embroidered realities.

Welcome to our new chapter: where your stories are woven into every thread, and where we continue to create enduring memories, one stitch at a time.

Thoughtfully yours,

Jessie and Taylor

Meet Jessie and Taylor

Settled now in the South Charlotte area, we have entered our next phase of life, motherhood. Our kids Olivia, Lawson and Reese teaching us the value of the "nap hustle", we are combining the desire to be with our kids, our creative spirits and the love for gifting to others through monogramming. 

We are excited to thoughtfully thread personalized gifts for you and those you love most. Thank you for being here and supporting our small business!

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